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The Most Friendly Dogs With Children

Dogs can be loyal and friendly family friends. But not all dogs are friendly and have tolerance for children. If you want to find dogs that can be friends with children, here is a list of dogs that can be the most appropriate choice.

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– Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever. Both dogs have a high intelligence, merciful nature, loyal and patient. This quality makes them a very good family friend. They also have a reliable temperament so it is very good to be near children.

– Bernese Mountain. A big dog full of tenderness. Its cheerful character makes them easy to love by both children and adults. This dog is very friendly even with strangers, very smart, and easy to train.

– Collie. Dog with a tender and loving character. They can live well with other dogs and other pets in the house. Collie can be a loyal friend to the children. They have a protective instinct for other members.

– Beagle a sweet and soft dog. They have a warm personality that makes it very sociable and suitable with children. But his hunting instinct makes it unreliable to be around pets other than dogs unless they have been socialized since they were very young.

– Basset Hound naturally behaves well even near children. They have never been fierce and have never experienced a mood change. Basset Hound can have a high dedication with a child who lives with him during his life. They can also become stubborn if the owner does not behave as a Pack Leader for the dog.

– Pug is famous for his relaxed and cheerful manner. Have a high spirit and very affection with members. They like to play non-stop for hours, making them the ideal companion for children.

– Saint Bernard. Despite its enormous size, St. Bernard is very friendly and gentle with the children. They have immense patience and tolerance for children. St. Bernard is willing to be fun and always eager to engage in fun and play. They are very smart and easy to train. Due to its large size, this dog is recommended for older children.