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Maximize Your Korean Style With Appropriate Socks

Now, many women are starting to follow Korean-style dresses that have an attractive and cheerful fashion style. One of the fashion items that do not permission to left behind fashion style is socks. You can even use Colorful Socks to create more cheerful looks.

There are some tips if you really want to adapt your Korean style to your everyday appearance.

1. Mini dress and socks
If you like the style of classing and feminine, then the socks combined with a mini dress, sweater, and sneaker would suit you. this style can even make you fashionable.

2. Oversized outwear and long socks
You can use oversized knitwear outwear combined with the plain mini dress. For shoes, you can use ankle boots to warm up.

3. Blazers and socks
This style will be very appropriate if applied in the office. You can use blazer and heels to mix and match with socks.