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Remember these for the maximum quality selfies

When going to selfie, it should be ensured that the lighting is not too bright or dark. For those of you who like to do selfies in the room, you should choose a bright place to take photos, for example near the window. Another way to improve lighting conditions is to use lights. Additional lighting can be obtained from flash, but the results are not very satisfactory when compared with the results of lighting from light or natural light. Meanwhile, you may go to www.luvostore.com.au to find right lights online.

Setting the Pose for the Best Results

Try doing a selfie by displaying the left side of the face. That said, the face of the left looks more interesting. In addition, tilting the face will make it look more gaunt. In order for the body to look taller, slim and proportional, photos can be taken from a low angle. Also, make sure the entire body is included in the photo frame. In order for the feet look more ladder, place one foot in front of the other foot while posing or taking long steps while taking photos with the pose walking.

Other Techniques to Look For

If doing the selfie with smartphones, the front camera will produce a better picture than the rear camera. This is because it is difficult to get photos with the expected composition when you’re taking selfies using the rear camera. However, it should be noted that the quality of the rear camera is generally better than the front camera. After doing the selfie, do not forget to edit the results by utilizing various applications for better results.