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Cracks Non-Structure On The Wall, This Some Causes

Usually, on different types of foundations, you will find a crack, especially on some foundations that already have a long enough age. However, not infrequently also new findings are also experiencing similar things. Go to www.marshallfoundationrepair.com to get all the handling that fits your home.

Although not too dangerous, non-structural cracks can reduce the aesthetic value of a building. Poor quality materials plus extreme weather are the cause of all three types of nonstructural cracks below.

– Crazing
Plastering is too much touched with trowels and the sand that is used contains many fine grains can cause cracking crazing. The main characteristic of this crack is the presence of fine tissue that is shallow, continuous, hexagonal form with a distance of 5 mm-75 mm, and usually occurs immediately within a few hours after the plastering process. In addition to using the appropriate mixture composition.

– Map cracking
The cracks that are included in this non-structural type result from too much use of cement and stucco that dries too quickly. The crack pattern resembles a map groove, forming a hexagonal with a distance of up to 200 mm, and the structure tends to be deeper and continuous. Perform water on the surface of the plaster wall with water before finishing.

– Shrinkage
High or too high cement content, coupled with poor sand quality and too thick plastering, cause cracking. You can find this type of crack in the corner of the door or corner of the window. In addition, changes in the volume of plastering or concrete during the sand and water mixing process also encourage shrinkage. You simply use putty to overcome the crack because this type of non-structural crack is usually harmless, affecting only the beauty of the house because the wall so filled with irregular smooth cracks. To reduce the non-structural cracking, apply water to the brick wall prior to plastering work, select the material of good quality and use the appropriate mixture composition.