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The background in the Flat Lay technique for your Instagram

The background surface in this Flat Lay photo is the main thing. It’s because the focus of Flat Lay photos is the object of the photo, make sure you choose a simple background that can highlight the object. For example, you can choose a solid one color background, such as white, yellow, pink or pastel colors. In the meantime, perhaps you want to check out how to buy Instagram followers cheap as well.

If you are interested in photographing on a wooden table or in a patterned backdrop as it is in a restaurant or a place, make sure the setting is clean without any food or drink being scattered.

Usually, the background that often becomes an option is a large paper, wood, or floor, because it is considered the safest for Flat Lay photos.

Just remember to choose a background that won’t overpowered the object of your Instagram photo, and you will have a good post which will attract a lot of users to follow your Instagram account.