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Know Some Types Of Fruits That Are Bad For Dental Health

If you think that fruit is a good food for health maybe you are right. But, it turns out there are some fruits that are bad for the health of your teeth. For that, you need sufficient and maximum stinginess related to the problem. You can do dental treatment in dentist bronx ny in order to get the maximum treatment.

Some kind of fruit that turns bad for teeth is

– Blueberry Although blueberries have great benefits for health, but not too cariogenic so have a tendency to make stains on the teeth. If you eat lots of blueberries, make sure you also use toothpaste containing abrasive elements, such as calcium carbonate, to clean up the stains left behind.

– People who eat regular citrus fruits, along with acid fruits like pineapple, will often scrape a lot of their dental enamel. Tooth surfaces will indeed shiny, because of the acid. Lemon or lemon sucking is probably the worst thing for teeth that are usually done a lot. Reduce to consume acidic fruit, and gargle with water after eating to remove the acid. Note that neutral fruits, like melons, will not cause this problem.