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What to Know About Protein Shake

Protein is one of the substances the body needs to repair cells, produce hormones, enzymes, and rejuvenate the body system. The requirement of human protein with the good renal condition is about 0.8 g-1 g / kg body weight in a day. Without enough protein, it can get messy. For athletes and sports enthusiasts, without adequate amounts of protein, the muscles are difficult to repair themselves. Naturally, the protein can be from food, such as fish, egg whites, beef, tofu, tempeh, and also nuts. For example, in 40 grams of chicken or fish, there are about 7 grams of protein. It really is beneficial for athletes to consume the protein powder. You can get information about that on the website of bradley martyn.

For the sake of practicality, now people love to consume beverages from a popular powder called protein shake. The most common powder protein types used in protein shakes come from whey and soybeans. It contains essential amino acids the body needs.

Protein shakes are usually recommended to meet protein needs, especially in athletes who perform the heavy exercise. These drinks usually contain not only the powders but are mixed with vegetables, fruits, and cold air. Like juices! Absorption of protein shake into the body takes about 90 minutes. Because the digestive system is only able to digest and process about 10 grams of protein per hour. Usually, after 2 hours or more, the new protein will be completely absorbed. Therefore, there are benefits of this drink about 2 hours after exercise.

You need to consume it Wisely. Currently, protein shake beverages are also consumed as diet foods and medicines to help lose weight as well as shape the body becomes more ideal. In addition to helping meet the needs of protein in the body, beverages sold in a variety of flavors that provide a sense of satiety faster, suppress hunger and prepare metabolism.

“Protein shakes can also be consumed as a substitute for breakfast or dinner, and now many who apply it in the diet,” he added. Research conducted by Dr. Donald Laymen from the University of Illinois shows the existence of this drink can also help the process of giving fat in the body.

However, the protein shake is not a magic drink that can realize your dreams just like that. “To help lose weight, protein shakes must be combined with other healthy foods,” he said. Without it, the powder consumption would be in vain.