Identify Some Parent Roles For Their Children When Following the Contest

A race followed by a child will shape their personality. however, please also note that following the race does not mean having to win and get a medal. As something worthy of medals is very much expected by everyone. At you can even get the medals you need for the race.

However, in inviting children to follow the race, the role of parents is needed. The role of parents is also very important in guiding and directing children’s attitudes when facing the risk of a race. The child will be more accepting and happy when he wins the race. But some children can also become arrogant when he succeeds in winning over other children. That’s where parents can play a role to give an understanding that the child is not arrogant and still want to develop his abilities. Conversely, the child will tend to cry when he suffered defeat. Explain to him that this race is not for winning, and give a reward for appreciating the child’s business.