How to choose the right preschool for your children

Before choosing a preschool, do not just stick with the information from the internet. You should check directly to the school you want about the curriculum, the program they are running, and the facilities and infrastructure available in it. Meanwhile, you can also check out the excellent Nursery School Bangkok.

The principal and teachers of the preschool must also be able to explain it clearly.

Make sure it’s compatible with your finance

Consider whether the preschool provides an additional class of enrichment, such as Chinese, computers, sports, ballet, or music for the students.

Find out whether the fee for attending these additional classes is separate or not with the preschool entry fee. You also certainly need to consider your finances if you want your child to join in it.

Estimate transport and traffic to get there

Check the traffic conditions to your desired preschool. Although the distance is very close from home, you must be willing to shuttle your child if the streets are in a state of total traffic.

Find out if this preschool provides a bus or shuttle car service so that the baby does not have to face late pick-up.

Open air or air-conditioned room

Know first, whether the baby is familiar with the room that is not air-conditioned or not. It is true that a cold room can optimize a child in learning and playing.

But not always also air-conditioned room good for the health of the baby. You should check whether there is good ventilation in the classroom. Because air-conditioned room can affect the child’s respiratory system. The child will also be at risk of contracting respiratory diseases, such as rhinitis (inflammation of the lining of the nose).

The intensity of outdoor play time and facilities available

This is important because playing time outside is the best time for preschoolers to train and master their motor skills. By sweating outside, the senses of the little one will be fully stimulated and able to support the learning process in the classroom.

When outside, the child will be free to develop his physical abilities, such as running, jumping, or climbing. Manipulation skills of your baby will also grow here, such as spooning and pouring sand in a sand pool or trying to use a plant sprinkler.